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Data Centers

High performance fiber optics and data center cabling management.

Conserving space while managing a fiber optic cabling infrastructure is increasingly difficult and must be considered during the design and installation of data center infrastructure. Spectrum Networks provides reliable communication links to critical systems that can be easily maintained and sustained as information capacity and data storage needs continue to grow. Spectrum Networks implements only the highest quality fiber-based communication systems that offer an avenue for the efficient transport of bandwidth-intensive applications such as video streaming, VOIP and high definition imaging.

Spectrum Networks conducts in-depth analyses to understand the challenges and limitations of your existing fiber optic framework within your data centre and implements a customized and sustainable fiber optics solution.

The maximum of space, ease of management, and high-density solutions that address path and rack constraints are comprehensive in Spectrum Networks fiber optic cabling services.

Spectrum Networks services companies locally and across Canada from their locations in Vancouver and Toronto.