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DC Power

Spectrum understands how critical changes and developments are to the ever changing landscape of distributed power.

Spectrum can provide installation and services on Alpha and Emerson technologies, in particular GMT Flatpacks -24, -48VDC converters, Netsure 701, 502 and 721. System reliability is one of the most critical technological challenges facing today’s broadband communication service provider. Interruption and downtime is not an option. Spectrum can conduct scheduled maintenance services at the convenience of the service provider making certain power remains constant during installation and transition. Hot swappable, modular components makes replacement, repair and upgrades more cost-effective and limits disruption to the system. The ability to remove and replace these power system components without interrupting power or reducing the backup capability is a very important, crucial maintenance consideration.

Spectrum knows that the demanding characteristics of delivery networks is essential and properly evaluating proposed OSP power solutions is critical for your next scheduled maintenance or upgrade.