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Wireless Network Design and Installation

Planning your next Wi-Fi project has never been easier.

Spectrum Networks understands the importance of accurate network planning which is one of the first and most crucial steps to a successful Wi-Fi deployment. Spectrum services team utilizes the latest in site survey tools and spectrum analysis technology to take the guess work out of wireless LAN design to accurately plan and deploy industry leading Wi-Fi access points. There are three types of site surveys.

Passive Survey

A passive survey is where a physical survey is performed with one or more access points depending on the scale of the environment. Spectrum uses AirMagnet survey and planning software to conduct such surveys to gather pertinent information vital to the integrity and health of a wireless system. Placement of test AP’s are strategic and are used to measure coverage to meet facility needs and end user requirements. Once the survey information is gathered we can then provide detailed analytical reports showing details of recommended AP placement, Signal strength heat maps, Noise floor and interference analysis and Rogue AP’s.

Wireless Survey

Active Survey

An active survey is another type where a physical survey is again performed after a wireless network has been just deployed, or to the health check an existing network. The “Active Survey” measures signal coverage, throughput tests, SSID/VLAN per AP allocation and behavior of data packets. This is usually performed after an install has occurred to ensure the wireless network is performing as per the scope of the requirements. This type of survey can also be performed when an established wireless network is experiencing issues that may occur over time, which may be contributed by internal changes within the network (e.g. Config changes, higher number of concurrent users), or due to exterior reasons outside the network (e.g. additional interference from new networks, new non network devices outputting signal).

Predictive Survey

Spectrum uses Zone Planner software for predictive surveys and high level budgeting. Scaled drawings are installed into the software and details such as walls, floors, racking and material type can be entered. This is for estimating only and cannot be taken as a qualified RF survey. The program uses the information about the coverage area to perform AP placements based on Algorithms. Absolutely no field measurements are provided and issues such as interference, lack of and over coverage are factors not taken in consideration.

In conclusion, performing a survey is crucial from the initial walkthrough to the presentation of a professional report. Using the proper tools, planning for your next Wi-Fi project has never been easier.