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Perhaps one of the most daunting obstacles when making sure you’re ready to access the internet and connect your home or business is setting up your wireless access points.

For whatever reason, the majority of people still view establishing wireless networks as something akin to the installation of structured cabling. What’s a gateway? What’s an IP address? What’s a subnet mask? Or 802.11 N? These are questions that, realistically, the average person does not need to answer and or know the answer to. Nevertheless, people buy their wireless device, take a look at the box and immediately decide that they cannot handle the installation of an access point for their wireless network and immediately call for a professional.

Nevertheless, this is not something that need happen. Thankfully there are companies interested in making this process more easy and simple for the average person, and Ruckus Wireless is at the forefront of this movement.

With their 7300 series of access points Ruckus Wireless has managed to combine the most important features of access points for a simple and easy installation and setup that emphasizes ease of use.

Ruckus has also managed to do that which many other manufacturers have failed to do and that is to develop access points that still perform admirably when it matters most. Great signal strength (not the best you’ll find, though truly respectable) and fast data transfer speeds (again, not the fastest, but definitely acceptable) combine with this ease of setup to make truly remarkable hardware.

As so many chefs have said before refusing to divulge their recipe, the secret is in the sauce and this is truly the case with the 7300 series Ruckus access points. Their patented antenna actually allows the wireless signal to use alternating or varying signal paths at any given time. This allows the access points to literally adapt to changing conditions to keep the signal strength consistently strong. Additionally the access points allow for the use of either standard power or PoE, which, while certainly not unique to Ruckus, is definitely a nice feature to find showing their attention to detail and truly increases their user friendliness.

Overall, when researching your decision to buy and implement access points for your wireless network, make the smart investment. Don’t waste time and money on access points that only have a fraction of the functionality for the same cost, or the product with all the features that you do not need and which will certainly require professional installation. Make the smart decision. You’ll likely never need to look further than Ruckus Wireless to find an access point that fits all your needs and keeps the business running. And at the end of the day, isn’t that all that matters?

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